Thursday, 27 June 2013

3 Really good water-saving products for REAL water saving!

By retrofitting a bath with a bathscreen and a hand shower and having a shower rather than a bath is a massive saving on water every day! Water-saving shower heads are designed the same way as the taps we mentioned but also have settings so the optimum spray can be used. Now everyone in the home can have the shower they like best but overall it will save water. 
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Aerator taps: Taps that are fitted with aerators increase the apparent pressure while actually reducing the flow. This makes rinsing dishes or hands more effective with less water! Because the hydraulic action of the jet combined with air is more effective than water alone. Without an aerator, water usually flows out of a faucet as one big stream. An aerator spreads this stream into many little droplets. This helps save water and reduce splashing.

Dual flush toilets: Quite simply only use the amount of water you need for the purpose.